PRAYERS: What is prayers ?

We will say it’s a form of communicates to God the almighty or a intimate relationship with God. The disciples of Jesus once asked Him to teach them to Pray to the father as He did. Mat. 6: 9. as you would turn to your own bible and read. this prayer was to teach them to recognize who God is and for them to developed the attitude of prayer to have a sincere intimate relationship with Him.

Isaiah 1: 18 – 20 says come now let reason together say the Lord. Indeed, the problem with the average Christian’s prayer life is that it lacks consistency. Many have no prayer life at all. Yet, a look at Scripture reveals that prayer habit is essential to power with God. We know Jesus often sought solitude in the hills surrounding Jerusalem for the purpose of prayer.

Abraham arose in the morning and went to the place where he stood before the Lord. Daniel prayed three times a day, David even offered prayer an several occasions .psalms 55:17 read. Developing an effective prayer habit will make the prayer more like Jesus. So Joined me every day AT 12: NOON for 5-15 minutes of PRAYER. and lets believe God for a supernatural miracle in the name of JESUS, AMEN

Dr. / Pastor: L. Smith

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